Toddler Care

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Toddler Care

Age Range:
1 - 2 years
Areas of Learning:

Baby Signs®

Independence and Fitness

Potty Training

Social and Creative Development

Exploring, Learning, and Discovering

Your toddler has an abundance of energy during this stage in his or her life! Our warm and experienced staff is trained to help channel this energy in a positive way in order for your little one to grow and learn. We are dedicated to accommodating cognitive, socio-emotional, and physical development through various forms of art, movement, reading, music, and active outdoor playtime.

Enhancing Brain Development

Your little one has never been more curious about the world. Trillions of synapses, or new neuron-dendrite connections, are being formed within your child’s brain. It is imperative to encourage new connections in children under the age of three, because connections that are not stimulated will never regenerate and will be lost forever.  Our toddler program at Apple Tree has a focus on forming new connections through a series of fun, engaging, safe activities.

Cognitive: Hiding and finding objects (hello hide and seek!), identifying articles, and discovering picture books are examples of early cognitive development within your toddler. In order to support these developments, a strong presence of attentive caregivers, a predictable environment, constant communication, and other mentally stimulating occurrences are necessary.

Socio-Emotional: Kids at this age are becoming more confident with strangers, communicate their feelings more readily, imitate adults, and enjoy adults’ attention. Apple Tree’s toddler daycare encourages these thrilling new growths by teaching how to manage emotions and feelings (both your toddler’s and others), establish relationships, and discover how to direct independence.

Physical: The newfound ability to explore their surroundings often overpowers fear (brave little guys). Our caregivers make sure your toddler’s environment is completely safe and secure for all of their crawling and walking adventures.

Toddler Program Activities Include:

Baby Signs®: As with our infant program, toddlers who are experiencing frustration expressing verbal feelings like hungry, tired, sad/mad, etc. may use the Baby Signs® method. Sign language is used in order to communication emotions your toddler is feeling.

Discovery Time: Dress like a wizard and act out a tale of mystery and magic! Toddlers are given the opportunity to do just that with our many props, costumes, and arts and craft materials. At Apple Tree, we let kids be kids in a way that’s both fun and educational.

Early Learning: With a constant new stream of information, your child’s blossoming enthusiasm is encouraged with our theme-based curriculum. This program is chock-full of age-appropriate activities that involve language, colors, and shapes.

Fun With Fitness: Dance like nobody is watching! In class, toddlers will be encouraged to express themselves through safe, supervised movement. The fun continues, however, when we send home engaging activities and healthy recipes for the entire family to enjoy.

Growing Independence: Toddlers are becoming more self-aware and independent as each day passes. By teaching them to wash their hands, pick up their toys, and dress themselves, the opportunity to do things “their way” is made more available to them.

Potty Training: Potty training can be a daunting task, but by introducing the steps in a non-threatening way, it will only make it easier for you at home. The transition from diaper to potty is one we want to make as smooth as possible.

Socialization: Group activities like songs, finger play, movement exercises, and stories guide your toddler through first friendships in a warm and relaxed setting.

Talk, Talk, Talk: Toddler daycare at Apple Tree is one chatty place! Inviting your little one to initiate and participate in conversations throughout the day is key in socialization, reading and language comprehension, and thinking processes.