Summer Camp

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Summer Camp

Age Range:
Kindergarten - 12 years
Areas of Learning:

Academic Reinforcement

Communication Skills

Friendship and Socialization

Physical Education

Science and Nature

Fun Under the Sun

Just because the school year is over doesn’t mean learning has to stop. And with our jam-packed schedule of summer activities, your child will be learning outside the classroom! We cover subjects like math, science, and reading so once the school year does start again, it won’t feel like a complete whirlwind of new information. With our summer camp, action and adventure couple with education to create a harmonious summer delight.

Our Summer Camp Program Features

Active Minds:We keep mental mindfulness alive by going on outdoor excursions to observe animals in their natural habitats—all from a safe distance, of course. Reading individually and group projects also help exercise mental muscles.

Adventure in Nature:It’s summer—a time to be outside in the glorious weather! Minds can become stale from staying indoors too often, so we make every effort to get kids off the couch and into nature to enjoy the sun, have picnics, and compete in friendly sports games.

Extended and Flexible Schedules:School’s out for summer, but your career isn’t, necessarily. Apple Tree day care centers offer flexible drop-off and pick-up hours to make your life a whole lot simpler. Feel free to take advantage of our extended hours for those late nights at the office, too!

Field Trips:Humans weren’t created to be sedentary, which is why field trips were invented! We keep the adventure going and young minds sharp with trips to the zoo, museums, aquariums, art galleries, and so much more. Any suggestions for fun places are always appreciated, so please let us know if you have any ideas!

Friends and Community:Many of our summer camp activities are centered on group events in order to promote socialization skills and making new friends. Our students are taught to cooperate, communicate, and emphasize care with every new relationship they make. Lifelong friendships are made here!

Fun with Fitness:Physical, mental, and emotional well-being are an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Our daycare makes sure to include a vast amount of options in order to stay active each day, like swimming, running, dancing, group sports, and other adventure-based exercises.

Healthy Habits:Physical fitness is just one part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Apple Tree also provides information on how nutrition goes hand in hand with staying active. We offer healthy meals and snacks throughout the day and also invite kids to participate in cooking classes, where we go over recipes that can easily be whipped up at home.

Minds Stay Sharp at our Summer Camp

Summer break can be tough on the knowledge and skills kids learn throughout the school year. Those who spend time at summer camp and then go back to school, however, typically show better academic performance. Additionally, a summer camp experience may have effect on whether or not a child graduates with a high school diploma or even attends college. Our goal at Apple Tree Summer Camp is to stimulate your child’s brain while opening up opportunities to make new friends, enjoy adventure, and have the best summer ever!