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Age Range:
4 - 5 years
Areas of Learning:

Academic Subjects

Computers and Technology

Language and Literacy

Spanish Language

Vocabulary Development

Confidence for Kindergarten

Did you know that over 200,000 children repeat kindergarten each year? Kindergarten requirements have become much more competitive within the past decade; two-thirds of kindergarten instructors now ask that incoming students know the alphabet. Not to worry—our Pre-K program is targeted to prep your child in vocabulary, literacy, math, motor skills, and problem-solving so that he or she has a solid set of skills before entering kindergarten.

A Successful Primary Education Begins in Pre-Kindergarten

Preparing for kindergarten isn’t the only benefit of Pre-K classes. Studies show that kids who are involved in Pre-K generally have higher high school graduation rates, earning potential, and overall lifetime achievement.

Cognitive: Logic and language aren’t as daunting as they once were at age 4. Children are learning how to tell stories, read books, and can even count up to 20! At Apple Tree, our supportive staff invites your young one to creatively express their newfound confidence in a stimulating environment.

Socio-Emotional: During this time period, your child is becoming much more comfortable at establishing meaningful relationships with parents, caregivers, and peers. We foster these relationships by being great role models and focusing on parent-teacher collaborations.

Physical: Jump, climb, run! Our safe and secure indoor and outdoor facilities make it easy for your four-year-old to climb ladders, run around obstacles, and even draw and paint with purpose.

Developmental Pre-K Activities Include

Bilingual Studies:Spanish, the second-most common language in the world, is introduced to your child by playing games to learn about cooking, weather, and vocabulary.

Developing Computer Skills: Technology is an important part of our world, so it’s vital to expose Pre-K students to computer skills. Our exciting computer activities introduce the digital world to your child in an educational way; some of our centers even use Smart Board, an interactive white board that encourages cognitive and motor skill development.

Early Fitness Habits: Practicing healthy habits early on may drastically increase the likelihood of a fit lifestyle in the future. Apple Tree makes fitness fun and also incorporates delicious recipes during cooking lessons.

Fostering Confidence: Your little one is increasingly becoming more confident in decision-making, friendships, and independence. Our experienced teachers guide Pre-K students using fun learning materials and educational toys in classrooms that are intimate and unobtrusive.

Mastering Skills: Optimal growth is encouraged with Apple Tree’s daily curriculum of math, social studies, science, literacy, and physical activities.  Our well-rounded program is designed to make your child shine!

Promoting Literacy: Welcome to a world of words, sounds, letters, and stories! Our staff engages your child in interactive exercises that enhance phonological and print awareness, letter recognition, and narrative skills. We also have a fun Pre-K Word Wall where your little one can practice letters and writing.

Strengthening Vocabulary: What could be better than a rich vocabulary? Practicing vocabulary lessons in groups is a great way to introduce new words and set a foundation for successful reading. Our teachers engage conversations with students on a daily basis in order to promote strong reading, writing, and listening skills.

A Quality Pre-K Experience

Apple Tree Children’s Centers excels in preparing your child for their future because we offer intimate classrooms, low child-to-instructor ratios, and an experienced team of instructors who treat your little one like their own.