Infant Care

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Infant Care

Age Range:
6 weeks - 1 year
Areas of Learning:

Baby Signs®

Language Development

Motor Skills Development

Lifelong Learning Starts in Infant Care

Leaving your infant in the care of others for the first time can be a difficult adjustment for both baby and you. But all of us at Apple Tree can assure you that your baby will be treated as if he or she is one of our own. We are parents ourselves, after all.

During your baby’s first year, there will be all kinds of things you’ll want to hear about: smiling, talking, and squealing. They are also developing a basic sense of self and others and forming attachments—all major milestones you’ll want to see. This is why we provide you with daily written reports, as well as capture pictures of those priceless moments. Apple Tree makes sure that that the first transition from home is pleasant and smooth for you and your infant.

Stimulating Your Baby’s Brain and Body

Your infant’s first three years of life are pivotal in all areas of growth: physical, intellectual, and socio-emotional. In fact, studies have proven that 82% of the brain develops during this time. At Apple Tree, our infant care program is tailored to support these areas with engaging activities and individualized care.

Cognitive:Our infant care program utilizes a holistic approach in order to nurture your baby’s early development process. These early cognitive skills include: making use of the five senses to explore, identifying familiar things, extracting responses from others, and imitating the actions of others.

Socio-Emotional:The actions of registering and expressing emotions means your infant’s brain is going through a giant socio-emotional growth. We will enhance these skills in a way that strengthens attention span and learning potential.

Physical:Your infant is experimenting with exciting new motor skills like rolling over, crawling, grasping things, picking their head up, and even taking their first step. They are also becoming comfortable with hand washing and getting dressed. Our friendly child care specialists will be there every step of the way to make sure your infant feels safe and at ease.

Infant Development Activities:

Attentive Talking: By observing, listening, and interacting, your infant is starting to understand a plethora of words. A typical day in our learning center consists of our caregivers exchanging back-and-forth words, sounds, and expressions with your baby in order to further the learning process.

Baby Signs®:The original sign language for infants, Baby Signs® is an amazing tool employed by our caregivers. Your baby will learn how to communicate if he or she is feeling hungry, hot/cold, tired, or unwell. Not only does Baby Signs boost emotional development, but also helps to alleviate any frustration infants may feel by not being able to communicate fully through speaking.

Positive Play:Infants love our selection of toys designed to promote hand-eye coordination, motor skills, creative and cognitive skills, and visual tracking.

Rhyming and Singing:Music is proven to elevate mood and enhance cognitive abilities, which is why our staff at Apple Tree is constantly singing and cooing throughout the day.

Rocking and Cuddling:Rock-a-bye baby! Physical and emotional support is an important concept in your infant’s life; we make them feel at home with close contact throughout the day.

Safety First:While we do have as much fun as possible at our daycare centers, safety is our top priority. Apple Tree strictly and without question follows state and federal safety regulations to ensure your little one is always protected at all times.

Story Time:Snuggling up with a loved one and a good story was always one of our fondest childhood memories. Our nurturing staff will create the same cozy environment for your infant as we read aloud to stimulate early language and literacy development.