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Both of my children attended Apple Tree and I was very pleased with friendly welcome we received each day, whether it was at drop off or pick up. It was comforting knowing they were in good hands.

Jeno 5 stars - Excellent

We LOVE Appletree, and more importantly so do our children! They have amazing staff in every classroom that interact so well with our kids and they are always doing something creative, keeping their little minds working. We couldn’t be happier with their care!

Jessica 5 stars - Excellent

Our daughter started going there at 3 months. The infant room staff is amazing. I was able to come in and breastfeed during the day, and was told I could come anytime. I would call ahead so they would not give her a bottle and if I was running late, they would call me. She has now transitioned to the toddler room and it is a great environment for her to interact and play. I can tell they have structure to the day, but also allow the kids to just play. Music and outdoor play are a big part of her day.

Janelle 5 stars - Excellent

Apple Tree Ashworth is very structured with purposeful play for our kids. I like that they are separated based on their age and are taught different lessons accordingly. The teachers are friendly and open, as well as their director. Thanks Apple Tree Ashworth!

Natalie Kass 5 stars - Excellent

Amazing staff! My daughter really thrived here and learned so much during her summer! The curriculum and personalized attention really helped improve her language and social skills. The staff, from Directors to room teachers, truly seem to enjoy what they do and it shows!

Stephanie Barrett 5 stars - Excellent

We love Apple Tree. At our house, it is referred to as school since the older sisters go to school. Our son is in Ms. Shannon’s room. His vocabulary has grown and he is almost potty trained already! We love that outside programs are brought in. My husband and I both work and wouldn’t be able to take our son to a daytime soccer program. He is able to go to soccer, learn computers and go to music class. When he’s a little older, we are fortunate that he will be in preschool here and won’t need to be transported to a different place for preschool. Apple Tree has answered all of our needs. We LOVE Apple Tree!

Wendy Bukstein 5 stars - Excellent

Apple Tree has had such a HUGE positive impact for my spunky little girl.

Samantha Faux

Both of my boys attended Apple tree on Grand ever since they were infants. They are now 10 & 7 and are excelling in school! The Apple Tree staff played a huge part in making sure that my boys were well prepared to succeed in school. My husband and I couldn’t be more thankful ☺

Elizabeth White

My 4 year old daughter goes to Apple Tree Children’s Center. She loves going to school every day and excited to learn and can’t wait to start the preschool class in September. She loves the teachers and they all do a great job at preparing her for the future.

Cori 5 stars - Excellent
Great director and assistant director at Grand. They are helpful and creative when it comes to getting families involved in activities. They run a wonderful center that leaves a parent feeling comfortable and sure about where their child attends school each day.
Julia Alber 5 stars - Excellent

I am writing to say that my daughter’s pre-school is an awesome place. This school is truly one of a kind! Excellent teachers they care about each and every student and develop their skills .My child is loving school the more she goes and every day comes home with a great story whether it be about activities, teachers or friends she always has a good day and i have noticed a great increase in her skills like writing and reading. Thank you all. We are so happy to be a part of Apple tree family.

Keerthika Pradeep 5 stars - Excellent

We love the curriculum at Apple Tree. They have themes every week that focus the kids on a different topic of learning. The themes start out in the newborn room. My daughter learned about underwater life and began painting at 4 months old. I was most impressed when I would pick her up from school and feed her dinner and she would keep putting her fists together when she really liked something. I asked her teacher if she knew what my daughter was doing and the teacher said that’s the sign for wanting of something! This was before my daughter could talk.

Today as a toddler she is learning about health and nutrition with this weeks theme. They learn about healthy foods and exercises to keep them active. I know this is setting her up for a bright future.

The Gaiaschi Family

I would rate Apple Tree five star. This is the best childcare center I came across so far.We chose Apple Tree because of the teachers and staff. My twins girls love being there. I appreciate Anna and Tabitha for all the hard-work they do. Very loving and caring. This was the best decision we made.

Tasneem B.

Choosing Apple Tree has been the best decision my husband and I ever made for our son. The facility is secure, clean and kept up. The teachers are amazing and I know this because every day when I pick our son up he is smiling. He is attached to many of his previous teachers and I find comfort in that knowing he continues those friendships, as do I. The people within the daycare have become like family, as they should in my opinion because they take care of the most important person in my life. And in my opinion, do a great job at it.

Alyssa T.

My wife and I have been very pleased with Apple Tree, as we can see positive results in the development and attitude of our daughter. In addition to the skilled teachers, they have also provided a variety of extra-curricular activities to keep her brain stimulated including on site music lessons, computer lessons, soccer classes and more.


I have 3 children and it never gets easier to drop them off at daycare, until I went to Apple Tree. I am very happy to know that each day I go to work my daughter goes to a place where she is loved. The teachers are unlike any other daycare.

Lelahni P.

Leaving our baby with anyone other than close friends and family was very stressful, especially after having a less than acceptable experience with our first in-home provider. The teachers and staff at Apple Tree quickly put us at ease. The years of child care experience they have in each classroom is amazing and shows the teachers believe in the center. Our son has learned so much over the years here and he has truly been loved by all of his teachers. It is so comforting going to work knowing he is well taken care of.

Kelly S.

For nearly five years, we have considered the staff at Apple Tree another part of our family. The care and compassion they show for our children has been nothing short of incredible and we are very fortunate to have such wonderful people teaching our sons each day. When we first chose Apple Tree, we did so after researching other facilities and found we were most impressed and comfortable with not only the location but also the people. Little did we know, five years later they have celebrated our highs as a family and been with us through our lows. We always smile because we feel it is like our boys have an army of parents watching over them each day.

Along with the relationships we have formed, we continue to be highly impressed by the level of achievement our boys reach in not only their daily lessons but also with tasks that will help them in life. We are constantly told by friends and family that they cannot believe how much our boys know for their ages. One of our favorite things about Apple Tree is the fact that our kids are continually challenged in their education and we feel that will help them succeed as they continue into elementary school.

Cassie & Jared H.

Apple Tree has obvious things that any parent would choose for their children: security, certified education, and a nice facility. But the thing that really keeps our family coming back is the friendly staff and the knowledge that our children are safe and happy. The other day we had a particularly trying drop-off with my son and his teacher called me an hour later to let me know that he had calmed down and was happily playing.

Matthew and Vanessa S.

Lily loves all of all the teachers in her room, Miss Elizabeth, Miss Andrea and Miss Jessica. I have so much fun asking her about her day and she has always has great things to say about all of the teachers! I am a huge fan of all of them too!

Sarah W.

I really appreciate how the teachers individualize for my child and take time to answer our questions. Our little one just loves Miss Helen and Miss Bre!

Apple Tree Parent

Our family loves our Apple Tree Classroom and it’s teachers, Sonya, Susan & Lacretia! We feel so happy to be able to trust them to care for our daughter each day. They are always positive, engaging and we can tell they truly care about our child and the importance of providing her a nurturing and caring environment. Our daughter learns so much and always comes home happy from her day at Apple Tree. THANK YOU! For caring for our daughter like we do and providing us the peace of mind during the day to provide for our family knowing she is safe and happy.

Mike, Ashley & Parker C.

From our first visit 8 years ago, we knew Apple Tree was the exactly right place for our daughter to spend her days. We were instantly impressed with the warmth of the teachers, the school’s health and safety precautions and the emphasis on teaching and loving the kids. When our daughter graduated into kindergarten, I cried, but I was lucky that our second daughter was still enrolled, so I wasn’t saying a permanent goodbye! The teachers and other Apple Tree families are such an important part of our lives.

Carly B.

We love to leave our children at Apple Tree because of the warmth and friendly atmosphere created by their teachers. There is always something new to do. We like the way in which they have designed activities to meet different age groups. And also the little extra activities that they provide like all stars and computer classes under the same roof helps in the over all development of the child. And the teachers constantly report to the parents everything that the child has been doing through the week!!! Overall a very systematic and well planned structure that facilitates in the over all growth of our children. Hats off to the great job they are doing.

Nancy C.

We chose Apple Tree Learning Centers of the Ashworth,West Des Moines because of the teachers and staff. It’s a great place for growing kids. I love their curriculum.

Satish G.

We love Apple Tree because our children love Apple Tree. The teachers care about their students and are committed to creating a fun and warm environment for them to learn and grow in. They are truly dedicated to the children.

Julie E.

When I took a tour at Apple Tree Center two years ago, I loved it and I knew that my 20-month-old daughter would feel great here. The staff is so nice and friendly; I like their relationship between the kids and even the parents. It is like we are in a big family.

My daughter now has many friends and she will miss them over the weekend, and even her teachers; and this tells me how great the environment is. Which is very comforting to me.

As a family speaking a different language at home, her teachers help her to open up and talk more .

I love everything about this center the curriculum, the activities, the building, the teachers and the way they treat the kids.

Nesreen G.

For our first child, we decided on Apple Tree due to the accreditation, professional and caring teachers, and healthy, safe atmosphere. 7 1/2 years later, we are still at Apple Tree with our third child. We have been very happy with the age appropriate and educational curriculum, caring teachers, school readiness, and fun that our kids have during the day. I love to hear about what they do at school and to hear feedback from the teachers on how they are doing. We wholeheartedly recommend Apple Tree to anyone seeking professional child care.

Jill P.

My son joined the infant room @ 10 weeks old and even despite my desire to not be separated from him that soon as a single parent I had to return to work. Crystal and Cassie were wonderful to help/comfort me during this transition period, not to mention his teachers in the infant room were all so kind, understanding & very gentle w/my baby. My son he has had numerous medical issues since born and their personal/professional knowledge of these issues plus their attention to detail w/each Dr orders/note I had to submit gave me the peace and confidence needed daily as his mom to not worry and feel ok leaving him there in their care.

Finding a childcare center that genuinely believes in reaching, teaching, nurturing and protecting your children as you would daily IS a God sent & never to be taken lightly. I will keep my son enrolled at this facility as they HAVE earned my trust plus seeing my son thrive and enjoys himself daily is golden! (He especially loves his Ms. Amber, Ms. Maggie, Mrs. Crystal & Mrs Cassie) But thank you to everyone for the exceptional care & professionalism shown daily to my son & the others children at this facility.


Apple Tree is amazing. We started here with our oldest daughter and now both of our children have been blessed to be cared for by the wonderful and caring staff. When we were looking, we did our research and none compare to the quality of care that Apple Tree gives to each child. Darci is the best newborn teacher in the world and I could not imagine leaving my newborn with anyone else. The teachers in all the other rooms are incredible as well. They truly care about your children and their educational development. I have been most impressed with how advanced developmentally both my girls have been and attribute this to the education they received at Apple Tree.

Brooke T.

Apple Tree on 86th St. in Johnston has been a wonderful learning center for our children. We had tried other child care centers and in-home daycare too, but Apple Tree has been the best. They have great teachers who care about the kids and really get to know them. Their pre-k program, in particular, has been amazing and our son has learned an incredible amount through that program. We would highly recommend Apple Tree to anyone in the area!


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